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We offer a range of services, across beef, dairy and sheep farming, as well as camelid and smallholding work. We aim to work with your farm to keep your herd or flock healthy, with routine procedures such as pregnancy diagnosis and disease investigations, as well as fertility work, vaccination worming protocols and assistance with exports.

24-Hour Emergency Cover

We provide veterinary cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all of your farm emergencies, including calvings, lambing and prolapses.


Routine Procedures

Our experienced vets offer routine services such as pregnancy diagnosis, castrations, disbudding and dehorning, blood sampling and disease investigations.


Dairy Fertility

Regular routine fertility visits for our dairy farms provide an opportunity to check freshly calved cows, confirm viable pregnancies, pick up any animals not in calf and to treat any with reproductive problems.


Beef Cattle Fertility

We offer services such as pelvimetry to aid heifer selection, synchronisation programmes and pregnancy diagnosis, as well as bull fertility testing and semen analysis.


Sheep Fertility

We help monitor and improve fertility by performing pre-tupping bloods and ram fertility tests. Our vets help to shorten the lambing window and to enable embryo harvesting and transfer. We also perform vasectomies to create teasers to synchronise ewes.


Health Planning

Working with our farmers, we build bespoke, comprehensive health plans which comply with Red Tractor standards, ensuring animal health, welfare and productivity are maximised.


Vaccination and Worming

Our vets will help you to create a tailored vaccination and worming protocol to match your farm’s needs.


TB Testing

We offer a complete TB testing service for our clients including pre-movement testing, post-movement testing, whole herd testing, inconclusive reactors and tracer tests.


Cattle Mobility

Lameness costs time and money. Foot trimming and mobility scoring helps to keep your cows mobile, healthy and productive.


Laboratory Service

Our on-site laboratory offers quick results on tests, allowing prompt, targeted treatment, while we access an extensive range of testing services through links with laboratories such as Biobest.



We have vets with special interests in alpaca and llama health, including castrations, tuberculosis testing, vaccination and parasitology.


Game Birds

We perform in house post mortems to assist with disease diagnosis. We offer advice on disease control and prevention and can complete medicated feed scripts, to help ensure you maintain your healthy flock.



As a part of the national network of experienced Official Veterinarians (OVs) we offer Export Health Certification (EHC) services across a wide range of products and destinations as well as certification of animals prior to travelling abroad. Whether it is a one off export or a long term contract our fully insured vets can support you right through from set up to the day of export.

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