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Cross Counties Farm Vets Complaints Procedure

We are sorry that our service has fallen short of your expectations and we would like to thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We take any complaint made to us seriously and reflect on them to improve the quality of our service for all our customers.


For clarity and for us to fully understand the nature of your complaint we ask that you make the complaint in writing (to either the email or postal address below). Address the letter to the ‘Complaints Manager’.

Please give details of your animal and the event or situation that you wish to complain about, try to include as much detail as possible (times, dates, etc). It is also helpful if you indicate how you wish us to resolve your complaint.


Practice Contact Details: Cross Counties Farm Vets, The Loft, Elkington Lodge, Elkington Road, Welford, Northants, NN6 6HE.



We will send you an acknowledgment of your complaint and give you a timeframe to expect our reply, this is typically 2 weeks. This period gives us an opportunity to investigate the case fully, including reviewing all the clinical notes and interviewing all of the team members involved in the episode in question.


In our reply we will outline the facts of the case, how we propose to resolve your complaint and what steps we will put in place to prevent the same problem from occurring again.



Complaint Escalation


Unfortunately, on occasion we may not be able to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction within our practice and in such circumstances, you may wish to have your complaint escalated for review by a more senior manager within our company:


Requests for review of a complaint must be in writing via the below email or postal addresses:


Complaints Manager,


Spitfire House, Aviator Court, Clifton Moor, York YO30 4UZ.


Requests for review will only be considered once complaints have already been investigated and responded to in accordance with the practice complaints procedure as most complaints can be best resolved within the practice. Communication regarding escalated complaints will normally be in writing only.


Alternatively you may wish to request mediation with our practice via the Veterinary Client Mediation Service or alternatively complain to our professional regulator, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons  (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Belgravia House, 62-64 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2AF)

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